How Did I Know I Wanted To Write?

I was in Mrs. Moore’s sixth grade class. Each class had to make their own poetry books. It was the biggest project of the year. We had to do everything from Couplets to Haiku’s and I was not the least bit excited. As a matter of fact, I thought it was the stupidest thing I had ever heard of! Who wants to sit around and think of a bunch of rhymes? Mrs. Moore informed me that I did, whether I liked it or not. Little did I know that year would start me on an amazing journey through my life.

Once I put the pen to paper I couldn’t stop. I loved it! I ate, slept, and breathed writing – I couldn’t get enough of it. Whether it was a poem, a song, or just my thoughts, I was constantly doing it.  Mrs. Moore assured me that I had found my future. Now that I look back, I owe her a big thank you. Something tells me she will read this, so thank you! You go down in my book of favorites.Moving Day 2009 017

At the end of the year we had an award ceremony for all the Junior High students. There were the Honor Society awards, the perfect attendance awards, and the sports awards, to name a few. Then there was the award for top poetry writer of the year. “The award goes to Sundi Jo Graham.” I was pretty sure I was the only one in that building with that name, but I had to look around just to make sure.

I received my award and a hug from Mrs. Moore with the words, “I’m so proud of you.”

Hold onto those memories as goofy as they may seem. They could be what sets your life on course.


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