My Last Job

My last position was a interesting one, and a short experience. Although I am unemployed, I am counting my blessings that God didn’t keep me there for long. I was a manager for a Payday loan company from January to April.

When I emailed my resume for the position, I wasn’t sure what the company was, as they had an anonymous email address posted for job replies. When I got the call for the first interview I wasn’t excited to find the type of company it was. I went to the interview anyway – these days being picky about a job isn’t the smartest thing to do.

After the initial interview, I had a talk with God about the situation. “If you want me to have the job, I’ll get the job.” A week later I was hired. Some of my family and friends weren’t too excited about the situation, but I reassured them that God only had me there for a season. Part of me meant what I said, the other part was just saying it to get them off my back. Little did I know it was the truth.

I was responsible for the day to day operations of the store. Everyday I prayed that God would give me the strength to do the job required by my boss, and to serve Him in the process. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. I can’t say this for every Payday loan company in existence, but I can say it for the store I represented – honesty is not their policy. I struggled with this daily and God never failed to provide an avenue for me to be honest with ALL of my customers.

I knew when I started this position that it was a mission field for me. I had the chance to pray for each customer that walked through my door. That could have been the only prayer they received. I had the opportunity to pray for a customer in need of nothing more than simple words to encourage her.

During my time there I began to realize my boss didn’t appreciate my integrity. There were various requests made that I didn’t feel necessary to be a part of. (If you are interested in hiring me and need more information, I will be glad to provide that for you in private.)homeless-man1

Then the day came that explained every reason for me working there. A homeless man walked into my office and changed my life. You can get all the details on this amazing story in my personal blog at I knew when that man walked out the door my purpose of working there had been fulfilled.

I was complimented for the job I was doing. People were paying on time, business was slowly growing, and the company was happy. So that’s what they told me anyway. On April 10, 2009 I was fired without a reason. When I walked out of that office for the last time I thanked my boss for the opportunity to work there; I really meant it. I was thankful for the people I met and the lives that Jesus was able to touch through me.

Not many people are willing to use the word “fired” so openly. I know, it doesn’t really make people want to run right out and hire me, but I’m being honest. I wasn’t fired for any wrong doing. I wasn’t fired for lack of devotion to my job. I was fired because of my integrity, and I can’t find any better reason than that.

For resume information, please contact me at I’m still looking for that dream job!


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