Holding Onto Determination

It’s been a while since my last post. I apologize. Life has been so busy this week – I’ve forgotten what my priorities are. However, I’m learning this week the difference between being fruitful and just busy. Thank you for the insight Joyce Meyer.

I’ve had some achievements in my life that are worth talking about. One that I am focusing on today is not so much an accomplishment related to my work history, but it is an amazing achievement nonetheless.

My mother and I were in a head-on collision when I was ten. I fractured both of my femurs. When the ambulance crew arrived to the scene I was lying in the floorboard with my legs wrapped around my head like a pretzel – a great visual I know. The doctor told me that my injury was so severe I would never walk again. That was devastating news to a kid who loved climbing trees and lived in the water. I was determined the moment I heard the news to prove him wrong.

I had my legs in traction – that didn’t work. Then the doctor decided to stick six metal rods in each leg. I could have been in a Transformers movie for sure. To his surprise, my bones began to fuse back together. Then it was time for braces. I was determined to walk! After molding, shaping, and whatever else was involved in that process, I had some plastic braces suited just for me.

For the first time in months I stood up. I couldn’t hold myself up, but the braces were doing a great job. I was walking, or they were walking for me. I prefer to say I was doing the walking. My doctor began to have some optimism in his work, and in my determination to prove him wrong. We had a love/hate relationship. A couple more months of therapy and I would be ready to walk – that’s what everyone hoped for anyway.

I remember the day I sat in his office for a check-up. Out of nowhere he asked me to stand up. I remember looking at him like he was crazy. “Stand up.” So I did. For the first time in almost a year, I lifted myself out of the wheelchair and stood up. I was standing! My legs were like jello and it didn’t take long before I was back down. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I wasn’t quite ready to be on my own yet, but the doctor told me I would be walking in no time. Those were some of the greatest words I’ve ever heard. Knowing I wasn’t yet ready, but seeing the excitement on my face, he allowed me to walk from the office to the car, if I promised not to try it again. I promised!

I stood up again, held onto the arms of my family, and took my first step. I walked! Each step to the door was an unbelievable experience. There weren’t many dry eyes in the place. It’s a moment I won’t soon forget.

As I said before, I have had many great accomplishments in my life, and I know there are many yet to come. But that will be marked in my book as one of the top. I have the tendency to be stubborn; out of that stubbornness comes determination. And when someone tells me something can’t be done, I use that as an opportunity to prove them wrong. If it’s God’s will, He makes it happen. And He made it happen!

Hold on to your determination. Don’t let someone tell you what you can and cannot do – it could make the difference in whether you sit or stand for the rest of your life.

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