When it comes to thinking, I’m pretty much a black and white linear processor … cut through the stuff, give me the truth and the bottom line. I’ve been told I lean toward pessimism, but I consider myself more of a realist. I see things as they are. At least I think I do.

Frito Pie reminds me of Sunday night Jr. high youth group so it’s sort of a comfort food. One week, several years ago, had been unusually long and disappointing. Jim was out of town so Jason met me at the Quick Trip snack bar for Frito Pie.

Jason’s more of an all-over-the-place thinker just like his dad. When I am with the two of them I need a GPS to follow the conversation. The scary thing is they never get lost. They communicate in some other realm.

Jason sat down after refilling his Coke and said, “Mom, what’s wrong?” I must have had a stunned, blank look on my face.

“Jason you won’t believe it! This is so cool. Look at the Fed Ex truck,” I said pointing out the window.

“Uh huh,” he said needing help to follow me this time.

“There’s an arrow between the E and the x. FedEx. Like they are moving out! Can you see it? That’s an accidental bonus on their logo!”

“Umm, Mom,” he grinned. “I’m quite certain that was no accident. It’s part of the design.”

“Really?” I asked, knowing he was likely right. I realized what was so evident to him, I was oblivious to. For me it was just like looking at those blobs of ink you’re supposed to see the old woman, the young woman and Jesus. I really have a tough time seeing past the obvious.

When disappointing things happen my first reaction used to be; analyze, evaluate and consider what it would have taken for a different outcome. To me that’s realistic thinking. Jason thinks abstractly and, over time, has pushed me to look through different lenses and outside the black lines I mentally draw boxes with. When I do, I can see circumstances differently. Perspective changes. It’s amazing what your kids can teach you.


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  • Barbara

    LOL ! I had to stare at that picture for a long time before I saw that arrow!! It's like those blocks of wood that spell JESUS but all you can see are dashes and bars until you finally see what is obvious!! Then that's all you can see….! It was fun seeing you at Panera's today!

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