Sisters are either best friends, arch rivals or bitter enemies. Actually, because they’re girls, they can be all of those things inside of one day. I don’t have a sister so it fascinates me to watch how the sister relationship works. I suppose so much of what happens within twenty-four hours is in direct proportion to the estrogen level in the house. My mom was the oldest of five sisters. I was the first grandchild. When my brother was born, my grandaddy was so thrilled to have a boy in the family he passed out cigars at a high school basketball game.

My freshman year of college I roomed with an identical twin. The girls said they had roomed together for 18 years and they were ready for a change. I’ll have to say that was one of the most fun years ever. Identical twins are almost spooky; like one brain in two bodies. Every night Linda and I would make the all important decision about what we were wearing the next day. At least a couple of times a week Wanda would come to our dorm room during the night and borrow something to wear the next day. Between the two of them they had enough clothes to stock a boutique, but it never failed … what Wanda randomly chose out of the closet was what Linda had planned to wear. The fireworks began about 8:30 but they were best friends again by noon. I waffle whether I would love it or not dealing with all the emotions that come with the sister package.

When I suddenly lost my brother to a heart attack a couple of years ago, I got a call from Rayanna. She’s married to Jim’s brother, Jerry. If there was a legal limit for laughter the two of us would be in jail for excessiveness. She declared over the phone she was becoming my unofficial biological sister because she didn’t think it would be good for me to be an only child. Besides we are both Brawners and that should count for something. She promised to always be there for me and she has been.

Relatives or not shouldn’t we all do that for each other; be there. Most of the time that’s more meaningful than anything else and it gets even better if you can laugh while you’re just being there. Is there an unofficial sister you can do that for today? And since you’re unofficial the sharing clothes requirement is null and void.


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  • Anonymous

    Very nice journal today… I'm in a family of 4 girls and I'm the oldest. We all love each other very much. We are a very close family and lost one brother at 22 yrs. old, so family is so special. We still have our brother, Jim, whom we all love and he is the greatest guy in the world!!! We just stay away from the “sensitive” topics that fuel a fire, like politics! Everyone's ideals are not the same so we try to respect each other! Corrine Abel

  • Anonymous

    Suzette–what a memory you have! Linda and I are still best friends even though we live miles apart. I have four new “sisters” here in Atlanta and I know they would all be here in a second if I needed them. However, Linda still comes first! Love your thoughts–Wanda

  • Anonymous

    You are too kind to us….we waged all out WAR over those outfits! Even still, she is my bestest friend ever. Linda

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