I am such a techie preschooler. My goal is to at least graduate into kindergarten or maybe even first grade by the middle of the year. I’m really trying but I can’t figure out how to post a response to comments on the blog. I’ll get it soon, I hope. I’ve received all kinds of regular email from people trying to become a follower, but get stuck in the process, so I don’t feel so alone here in preschool.

So I thought I would just send thank you’s from here. Thanks for the comments, email and Facebook notes. It’s like fuel and just what I need when I sit down with my laptop. I’ve committed to writing every day this year. Several people think I’ve lost my mind. Not to worry, I lost it years ago.

I received a comment on the Don’t Talk Back post where I used the question about kids and disrespect. Chasidy, I’m sorry it was “lost in translation” at the conference. I’ll write about respectable (not respectful) kids later this month. Thanks so much for your encouragement. And, Dawn, you are doing an awesome job with your three boys. Don’t be so tough on yourself. As Kari Brawner says, “They’ll be over it by their wedding day.” They will.

I have several requests to write about different topics and I’m trying to cover them. I thought it would also be interesting to ask you to email questions to suzbrawn@aol.com. If you don’t want your name used just sign your initials or “stage name”.

I think we all have a built in need for community. Doing life with friends is like having a little back-up and safety net when you start creeping close to the edge. I appreciate you walking through real life with me. And thanks for being patient with my preschool tech savvy.


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  • chas-g

    It's totally fine. Everyone around me said that I did say “respectful” so it was my bad. I'm blogging too! I hope you'll check it out sometime. chas-g.blogspot.com

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