Friends can be found in the most interesting places. I was talking to a girl recently who met one of her closest friends through another friend who had taken a flyer for a jewelry party off the bulletin board at the front door of the grocery store. And I thought you could only buy firewood and find free puppies on those bulletin boards.

We all have different kinds of friends in the different arenas and seasons of our lives. It’s fun to meet up with people you’ve known your whole life because they’re familiar with the history of you. Then again that might not be such a good thing.

The friends made in college are unique mostly because everyone is attempting to establish independence without acting scared. They’re trying to figure out the future while pretending they know what they’re doing. Actually, no one has a clue. Lifelong friendships are born when everyone finally admits they don’t.

Friends at work sometimes don’t turn out to be the kind of people you really want to hang out with after work. Sadly it can be that way with church friends too. That’s a handy thing to learn shortly after you meet.

Some friends give me energy and some leave me exhausted. I suppose some are just require more maintenance than others. Good friendships aren’t a 50/50 deal though. Sometimes they are 70/30 and sometimes they are 20/80. It’s like a sliding scale depending on life’s circumstances. I have friendships I feel like are stuck at 20/80 and I’m finally beginning to understand why they leave me worn out.

My friend Peg is coming to town this week. I’ve known her for most of my adult life. She lives in another part of the country and comes to town once a year. We usually have lunch and talk for hours. We have a whole year to catch up on. She’s a friend who gives me encouragement and energy. Hopefully I do the same for her. Our lives are so different, but our friendship is deep and sturdy. Everyone needs a friend like that.


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