Have You Ever Noticed?

Recently I discovered my two year old granddaughter intently watching masses of ladybugs crawling on a tree trunk outside a restaurant.  When I asked what she was doing she said, “Sue Sue, look at this!  I found millions of ladybugs! Millions! They’re crawling everywhere!”  
She was wowed. 
What struck me was likely scores of people had walked by the same tree and I wondered how many had noticed the ladybugs.  If any, I guarantee they were under the age of five. That’s when I began to understand why life speeds up, out of control.  We become so unaware. We just don’t know. We miss so much.

I want to slow down and become a noticer!  How about you?

One response to “Have You Ever Noticed?

  • Mary Paddock

    This is one of the things I love about gardening. In order to do it well, one simply has to pay attention to minute things like tiny flower buds and beneficial insects (ever examined a Preying Mantis? They really are elegantly designed).

    But to answer your question–Yes. I'd like to be a better “noticer” , just in general.

    PS. I love Lady Bugs too.

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